Common Mammal Species of Northwestern Ontario





Myotis lucifugus
Little Brown Bat


Distinguishing Features - Overall colouration, brown; buffy gray underneath. Wings, bluish-gray.

Little Brown Bat Size -
7.9 - 9.4 cm (3.1 - 3.7 in)


Common throughout Northwestern Ontario in caves, mine tunnels and hollow trees; also barns, attics and other building crevices.


The little brown bat is beneficial in reducing pest insect populations. During its night time feedings, a single bat can fill its stomach in 15 minutes and then empty its digestive track several times a night between feedings.


The little red bat is the most common of a number of Northwestern Ontario bats.

Because it forages at night, the little brown bat is far less subject to predation than other species and does not need to reproduce in large numbers. A female will produce a litter of only 1 to 2 offspring once each year. They also have a long life-span (up to 30 years).

Other common bats of Northwestern Ontario-

Hoary Bat - Lasiurus cinereus
Northern Long-eared Bat - Phenacomys intermedius

Less-common bats of Northwestern Ontario-

Large Brown Bat - Eptesicus fuscus
Eastern Red Bat - Lasiurus borealis

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