What Feed Attracts Deer The Most? 7 Tips For Beginner Hunters

Hunting deer can be a frustrating experience for beginner hunters. However, by understanding how to attract deer and the factors that drive the behavior of a deer, you can learn how to hunt more effectively. Here are some helpful tips on how to attract deer to your stand location and put yourself in position to bag your first buck!

By now, you probably know that deer scents can have a positive impact on attracting deer. But what you might not know is that there are different types of deer attractants that work in different ways. For example, a deer estrous lure attracts bucks from up to a mile away. However, a well-placed scent trail might be the most effective way to attract bucks.

When you spend time in the wild, deer hunting is one of the most thrilling activities. Hunting for deer may be a lot of fun. You might be aware of everything you need to know to be a successful deer hunter, including the best weapon to use, shooting techniques, best ammo for deer hunting, and the best animals to hunt. However, did you know that there are a lot more factors to take into account when going deer hunting?

1. Use The Right Deer Attractant At The Right Time Of Year

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It’s likely that if you hunt, you’re constantly looking for methods to improve. Using deer attractants is one method to achieve this. However, it’s crucial to utilize the proper attractant at the appropriate time of year.

You should, for instance, employ an attractant that imitates the fragrance of acorns in the fall. That’s because at this time of year, acorns are a crucial source of food for deer. You can attract deer to your hunting area by using an acorn-scented lure. In addition, you can also opt for deer feeders to make your hunting journey easier.

On the other hand, in the winter you want to employ an attractant that smells like new, green flora. That’s because at this time of year, deer are searching for food sources that are rich in minerals and carbohydrates. You can entice deer into your hunting area by using a green-vegetation attractant.

In order to improve your hunting skills, apply the proper deer attractant at the appropriate time of year.

2. Scent Or Odor Products Have Their Place

The use of scent or odor products is unquestionably appropriate during deer hunting. You can make yourself considerably more difficult for deer to detect by covering up your human scent. When attempting to approach deer for a shot, this can give you a substantial advantage. Additionally, deer have a very acute sense of smell, therefore it can be quite helpful to use things that can cover up your fragrance.

It’s critical to select the best perfume or odor product for you from the range of options available on the market. You should think about the kind of hunting you’ll be conducting and the hunting conditions. Some products work better in certain conditions than others, so it’s important to choose wisely. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a scent or odor product that can give you the edge you need to be successful in your deer hunting endeavors.

3. Hunting Blinds Make A Big Difference In Your Success

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If you want to be successful in deer hunting, you need to have a good hunting blind. A hunting blind can make a big difference in your success, because it can help you stay hidden from the deer. It can also help you stay warm and dry in inclement weather. If you don’t have a hunting blind, you are more likely to be seen by the deer, and you may not be able to stay as comfortable in bad weather.

4. Deer Antlers Are Another Way To Attract Deer

Deer antlers are one of the most popular ways to attract deer for deer hunting. Many hunters believe that deer are more likely to be attracted to a hunting area if there are antlers present. Antlers are also a good way to provide deer with a source of food, as they are full of nutrients that deer need.

5. Water Can Attract Deer

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Water can attract deer during deer hunting season. By creating a water hole, deer will be drawn to the area and will be easier to hunt. Make sure to place the water hole away from your hunting blind or stand so the deer are not alerted to your presence.
If you don’t have a hunting blind, you are more likely to be seen by the deer, and you may not be able to stay as comfortable in bad weather. If you don’t have a hunting blind, you are more likely to be seen by the deer, and you may not be able to stay as comfortable in bad weather. According to Douglas Durning, even if you’re one of the best hunters or survivalists, having a blind will help immensely.

6. Deer Feeders Can Be Effective, But They Need To Be Set Up Correctly

If you’re deer hunting, you may want to consider using a deer feeder. Deer feeders can be effective, but they need to be set up correctly. Make sure you place the deer feeder in a clearing where deer frequent and where there is little to no brush. You’ll also want to make sure the feeder is at least 30 yards away from any trees or other structures that deer could use for cover.

7. Scouting Is Important

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Scouting is an important part of deer hunting. It allows you to find the deer, track their movements, and ultimately find a place to set up your stand. Without scouting, you would be relying purely on luck to find deer.

There are a few different ways to scout for deer. You can use your own eyes and look for deer signs, such as tracks, rubs, and droppings. You can also use binoculars or a spotting scope to scan a larger area. Another option is to use a game camera, which can take pictures of deer as they move through an area.


No matter which method you use, scouting takes time and effort. But it is well worth it if you want to be a successful deer hunter.

That’s why it’s so important to get your hunting skills down before you start trying to attract deer. For a lot of people, that means practice—plenty of practice. Once you know what you’re doing, though, you’ll be able to use these different tools more effectively in your hunt. Not only will it help you attract deer, but it will also help make sure you have the right bait available in the right places at the right time. Soon enough, all your hard work will be paying off—with an enormous buck hanging on your wall!