What Ammo Is Best for Deer? – List of 10 Best

Are you in search of the best ammunition for deer hunting? Well, you do not have to bother yourself at all! When it comes to hunting a deer that is present within 200 yards, the selection of caliber barely makes any difference. In fact, you can try out a .270 or even a 6.5 Creedmoor in such situations.

No matter where you hit, one would barely find any difference in the blood trail. The main distinction that one has to make is if one is using an excellent bullet for the caliber. Yet again, it may be crucial for you to understand that the selection of caliber is as important as the selection of a good bullet. Besides, modern-day deer hunters have many options available today, and they can now choose good ammunition for deer hunting.

Few Aspects To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A Rifle Caliber

Today, one will be able to find a wide range of rifle calibers that are ideal for deer hunting. Before you proceed to buy rifle calibers, you will need to keep a few aspects in mind. A few of these aspects are given below for your convenience.

• The overall cost of the rifle caliber.
• The performance and striking power of the caliber.
• Overall accessibility.
• Recoiling capacity.

Usually, all the rifle calibers in the market are ideal for hunting whitetail deer. However, the only condition is that the caliber needs to be larger than a high-power .22 caliber. Apart from that, you can also consider practicing every day to improve your hunting skills. A few of the best hunting calibers ideal for deer hunting are listed below for your convenience.

1. .243 Winchester

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If you are a beginner at hunting, this light recoil .243 Winchester is an ideal choice. This ammunition can be utilized by young adults as well as experienced shooters. Apart from that, you can also shoot down a deer that is present within 300 yards. Another interesting fact is that this caliber has short barrels, thus making it easy for the hunter to climb into the treestand.

2. 30-30 Winchester

The 30-30 Winchester is one of the classiest deer cartridges. It has been used for quite a long time now. The overall design of the bullet is such that it allows much deeper penetration.

Apart from that, it does not compromise the terminal performance of the recoil. Although the range might have an unexpected limit, these types of ammunition are accessible in many markets today.

3. 25-06 Remington

This rifle caliber possesses a lightweight bullet that can reach surprising ranges of 500 yards. Besides, the 25-06 Remington has an excellent ballistic coefficient, well-powered recoil capacity, and sufficient kinetic energy to make your hunting experience more memorable.

4. .270 Winchester

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This ammunition is used to shoot down Western mule deer as well as Eastern whitetail deer. Although it has a small recoil capacity, it can be paired with a 22-inch barrel for the best performance. You can now improve your hunting skills with this ammunition, considering the fact that it is easily accessible.

5. .308 Winchester

The .308 Winchester is a lightweight caliber that showcases high efficiency when it comes to shooting a deer that is way past 550 yards. The power, energy, recoil capability, and high velocity make it much easier for the hunter to shoot accurate shots.

Since the recoiling power is moderate, it may take some time for the user to get used to the usual kickback. Calibers with comparatively lesser recoil are also available and can be utilized by new deer hunters. Today, almost every ammunition manufacturer offers a .308 Winchester, making it an accessible option for deer hunters.

6. .30-06 Springfield

This caliber offers accurate flat shots. In fact, it can reach very high velocities with a gushing force, ensuring that a moderate recoil is maintained throughout. Today, .30-06 Springfield provides more than 100 kinds of ammunition.

7. 7mm Remington Magnum

The 7mm Remington Magnum is one of the most efficient and powerful cartridges available in the market right now. It doesn’t have any recoil, besides having the power to handle heavy-weighted bullets. Another interesting fact about this cartridge is that it offers smooth, flat shooting. However, this ammunition may be a bit pricey. Thus, this is because there are limited options for this rifle caliber currently. Yet again, if you are searching for a ballistic cartridge, this popular 7mm Remington Magnum could be an ideal choice!

8. .300 Winchester Magnum

The popular .300 Winchester Magnum is quite useful for heavy-weighted rifles. In fact, it might have an unusually long barrel, making it costlier than other types of ammunition. Apart from that, there is comparatively more recoil capacity than numerous other rifle calibers. If you are planning to purchase this ammunition, you might want to keep in mind the many factors that might have a probability of going against your hunting preferences.

9. .223 Remington

If you have a .223 Remington, you might have experienced many features such as overall compatibility, easy shooting, and a balanced penetration. However, this rifle caliber possesses a light recoil. If you are a new hunter, the .223 Remington might be a considerate option. Yet again, it is recommended that you handle this rifle caliber with safety and precaution.

10. 6.5 Creedmoor

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This is a medium-sized rifle caliber that has an extraordinary recoil-by-performance ratio. Besides, this caliber can be used by experts as well as novice shooters. With comparatively less recoil capacity, it showcases high power and accuracy. Since the cartridge is becoming more accessible, it is now launching into the affordable category! For a deeper understanding of the differences between ammunition types, check out the Rimfire vs. Centerfire Ammo comparison from ProArmory.


Indeed, the mentioned rifle cartridges can definitely turn out to be affordable as well as convenient options for both beginners and experienced deer hunters. These rifle cartridges can also improve your hunting skills to a great extent.

Yet again, it is a recommendation that you consider practicing enough before starting out on this deer hunting hobby. Since all the mentioned rifle calibers have considerably less recoil capability, these cartridges can make your deer hunting experience more enjoyable.