Tuchycineta Bicolor – Tree Swallow

Distinguishing Features РThe tree Swallow is a bird with its back and head, shiny steel blue with greenish reflections. underparts and throat, white. Bill, black. Tail, forked. Female slightly smaller and somewhat duller in coloration.

  • Size – 12.5 – 15.7 cm
  • (5 – 6.25 in)

Tree Swallow


Around waterways, marshes, and beaver ponds.


In a tree cavity or old woodpecker hole; crevice in a building or a birdhouse. The nest is made up of grasses, lined with feathers and down.

Eggs, 4 – 6; white. The incubation period is 13 – 16 days.


The Tree Swallow lives primarily on a diet of insects. This agile flier is often observed flying swiftly over the water catching flying insects.

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