Trailing Arbutus – Epigaea Repens

General – perennial, evergreen, hemicryptophyte, subshrubs, autotrophic, monoclinous, with adventitious roots and with fibrous roots, 0.02-0.4 m tall, with rhizomes.

Trailing Arbutus Leaves – alternate, 1 per node, spaced evenly along stem; petiolate, petiole 0.4-3(-5) cm long, hairs short and unbranched, erect.

Flowers – formed on short shoots, monomorphic, with sepals and petals readily distinguishable from one another, unisexual, flowers red or white or light red, 0.6-1.4 mm long, 3-5 flowers per inflorescence, appearing in May.

Fruit – septicidal capsule, yellowish orange, globose, 4-5.5 mm long, wide, the interior of the fruit is white and fleshy, developing in August.



Throughout NW Ontario. Infrequent; primarily in pine and black spruce forests, preferring dry/fresh, sandy and coarse loamy soils; occasionally in rich woods or pond margins.