American Toad – Bufo Americanus

Distinguishing Features – Overall colouration, highly variable, usually a shade ofbrown (rarely gray, red, or greenish). There are black spots on the upperside which contain one or two warts; these black spots often have a white border. Oval partoid gland behind each eye. Underside, white or yellowish, mottled with black. Usually a light mid dorsal … Read more

Eurasian Beaver – Castor Fiber

Distinguishing Features – The European beaver has very little sexual dimorphism; the average male weighs about 22 kg and is 0.9 m long, while the average female weighs 23 kg and is 1 m long (slightly larger than the male). Beavers have stocky bodies with flattened hairless tails known as scoops. They have swimming membranes … Read more