Russian Flying Squirrel – Pteromys Volans

Distinguishing Features – Soft, silky pelage. Overall colouration, pale olive-brown; lighter buff-coloured underparts; tail flattened ventrally and densely haired; eyes large and luminous; skin membrane extends along flanks between wrists and ankles. Habitat Inhabits boreal coniferous forests of Scandinavia, Russia, Siberia and as far east as Northern Mongolia, Central and North-eastern China. Prefers dense forests. … Read more

Common Tree Species – Northwestern Ontario Forest

Table of Contents Abies balsamea – Balsam Fir Acer rubrum – Red Maple Betula papyrifera – Paper Birch Fraxinus nigra – Black Ash Larix laricina – Tamarack Picea glauca – White Spruce Picea mariana – Black Spruce Pinus banksiana – Jack Pine Pinus resinosa – Red Pine Pinus strobus – Eastern White Pine Populus balsamifera … Read more