Blue-spotted Salamander

Distinguishing Features – Medium sized. Colouration, shiny black dorsal color that may vary from dark blue-black to a lighter gray-black; conspicously marked with light blue flecks on the sides and tail. Four toes on front feet and five toes on hind feet. Costal grooves number 12. Size 10 – 14 cm (4 – 5.5 in) … Read more

Pygmy Shrew – Sorex Hoyi

Distinguishing Features – Overall colouration, reddy-brown above with grayish or brownish underparts. Snout, long; legs, short; feet, clawed. Size 7.11 – 10.4 cm (2.8 – 4.1 in) Habitat Common throughout Northwestern Ontario in mixed wood environments, bogs and wet fields. Diet The pygmy shrew feeds mainly on insect larvae, beetles, spiders and carrion. Notes The … Read more