Bombycilla Cedrorum – Cedar Waxwing

Bombycilla Cedrorum - Cedar Waxwing

Distinguishing Features – Cedar Waxwing is a crested bird of brownish tones on upper side graduating to greyish toward tail which is marked with a broad yellow tip. A narrow dark band or mask runs across forehead and around eyes. Under beak, blackish graduating to brown on the throat; wings, slate coloured, sometimes with reddish … Read more

Seirus Aurocapillus – Ovenbird

Seirus Aurocapillus - Ovenbird

Distinguishing Features – Ovenbird is a large warbler. Olive-green upper parts – back, wings, and tail. Under parts whitish, breast heavily streaked with black. Crown, dull orange bordered by two black stripes; legs, flesh-colored; eye, ringed in white. Male and female are indistinguishable but the female is slightly smaller. Size – 14 – 16.5 cm … Read more

Quiscalus Quiscula – Common Grackle

Quiscalus Quiscula - Common Grackle

Distinguishing Features – Common grackle is completely black with highly iridescent greenish blue or purplish reflections. Beak and legs, black; eye, whitish; tail, long and wedge-shaped. The colouring of the female is somewhat duller. Size – 28 – 34 cm (11.25 – 13.5 in) Habitat Prefers open areas and lightly treed woods. Nesting In trees … Read more

Agelaius Phoeniceus – Red-winged Blackbird

Agelaius Phoeniceus - Red-winged Blackbird

Distinguishing Features: MALE (pictured) – Completely black with the exception of a characteristic red shoulder patch. FEMALE – Very different from the male. Top parts, dark brown with greyish, rusty edges; light streak over eye and middle of the crown; underneath lighter, with blackish streaks; throat often pinkish or buff color. Size – 19 – … Read more

Sturnus Vulgaris – European Starling

Sturnus Vulgaris - European Starling

Distinguishing Features – European starling is black with purplish and greenish reflections. Tail, short, square; bill, yellow, long; legs reddy-brown. From late summer to winter, the plumage becomes white-spotted as in the accompanying photo. Male and female indistinguishable but female is slightly smaller. Size – 19 – 21 cm (7.5 – 8.5 in) Habitat Varied. … Read more

Turdus Migratorius – American Robin

Turdus Migratorius - American Robin

Distinguishing Features – American robin has one of the most familiar Northwestern Ontario birds. Top and sides of head, and back of neck black with white encircling eyes. Back slate; fading to black on wings and tail; tail tipped white; breast, sides and upper abdomen brick-red. Bill yellow. The female colouration is similar to the … Read more

Cyanocitta Cristata – Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Distinguishing Features – Blue Jay is slightly larger than a robin. Blue back and head with black neckband; grey-white underneath with white-spotted wings and tail. The Head is adorned with a characteristic blue crest. Male and female are indistinguishable but the female is slightly smaller. Size – 28 – 32 cm (11.25 – 12.75 in) … Read more