Paper Birch/White Birch – Betula Papyrifera

General – small to medium-sized, averaging 16 m (54 ft) high, broadleaved hardwood with a small, open crown of spreading and ascending branches. Branchlets are slender and a red-brown. On young trees, trunk bark is reddish-brown but turns to its characteristic white colour as the tree matures. The trunk generally divides low into several arching … Read more

Shrubs, Herbs and Other Plants

  World Boreal Species of Common Shrubs   Acer circinatum – Vine Maple Alnus incana – Mountain Alder Amelanchier alnifolia – Western Serviceberry Cassiope mentensiana – White Mountain Heather Crataegus douglasii – Black Hawthorn Elaeagnus angustifolia – Russian Olive Kalmia angustifolia – Sheep Laurel Malus baccata – Siberian Crab Apple Myrica pensylvanica – Northern Bayberry … Read more