Aquila Chrysaetos – Golden Eagle

Aquila Chrysaetos - Golden Eagle

Distinguishing Features – Predominantly dark brown. Neck; tawny or golden brown. Tail, dark brown with a lighter base, decorated by ash-colored bands. Legs, medium brown; feet, yellow. Females are significantly larger than males. Size: Male: 76 – 89 cm (30.5 – 35.5 in) Female: 89 – 104 cm (35.5 – 41.5 in) Habitat In varied … Read more

Ardea Herodias – Great Blue Heron

Ardea Herodias Great Blue Heron

Distinguishing Features – Upper parts, greyish-blue; head, white with a wide black stripe on either side, extending from the eye to a long slender crest; neck, grayish-brown edged with black downsides. Underparts are randomly streaked and colored black and white. Bill yellowish, long, tapering to a sharp point. Legs, browny-green, long. Male and females are … Read more

Larus Argentatus – Herring Gull

Larus Argentatus - Herring Gull

Distinguishing Features – Head, neck, tail and under parts, white; back and wing covers, pearly gray. Wing tips, black with small white tip on each feather. Bill, yellow with a red spot at end of lower mandible. Eye, yellowish; eye-ring yellowy-orange. Legs, flesh colour. Male and female are essentially indistinguishable. Size – 58.5 – 66 … Read more

Gavia Immer – Common Loon

Gavia Immer - Common Loon

Distinguishing Features – Head and neck, black with greenish reflections; partial white collar on neck; white bar with black vertical stripes on the throat. Back, black, boldly patterned with white accents; belly, white. Bill, black, straight, tapered to a sharp point. Eye, red. Male and females are essentially indistinguishable. Size – 71 – 89 cm … Read more

Branta Canadensis – Canada Goose

Branta Canadensis - Canada Goose

Distinguishing Features – Head and neck, black; large white patch on cheeks. The upper parts and wings are grayish-brown. Feathers tipped with browny-white. Underbody, browny-gray with pale feather tips. Rump, slate; upper tail coverts, white; tail, black; lower belly and under tail coverts, white. Neck, long. Bill and legs, black. Male and female are essentially … Read more