Common Reptile and Amphibian Species

Northern Leopard Frog Spring Peeper Boreal Chorus Frog Green Frog Mink Frog Wood Frog American Toad Blue-spotted Salamander Yellow-spotted Salamander Eastern Newt Painted Turtle Snapping Turtle Eastern Garter Snake  

Spring Peeper – Pseudacris Crucifer

Distinguishing Features – One of the smallest frog species in Northwestern Ontario. Overall colouration, varies from gray to varied shades of brown. Some may appear rust red or orange. As with many other frogs, shade of color is affected by temperature. A characteristic dark X intersects the back. Random dark dashes often mark the body. … Read more

Wood Frog – Rana Sylvatica

Distinguishing Features – Medium-sized frog. Overall colouration, highly variable: gray, brown, reddish brown or rust. Upperside may be plain or mottled with black or brown. A black mask is always present over the eyes. Sometimes a white or light colored middorsal stripe is present. The underside is light, rarely with dark mottling. A white line … Read more

Northern Leopard Frog

Distinguishing Features – Most familiar frog of Northwestern Ontario. large. Overall colouration, varying shades of green or brown; round black spots scattered randomly about the back and on the sides. Underside, plain white. Two light ridges down run along length of back. Forelimbs, spotted; hind legs, striped. Size 8.9 cm (3.5 in) Habitat Common throughout … Read more