Shaggy Moss “Electrified Cat’s Tail Moss”

General – wide-spreading masses; dark- to bright-green or yellowish-green; up to 10 cm tall. Leaves – stem leaves egg- to heart-shaped, with a long tapered and pointed tip. Sporophytes – cylindrical, curved capsules, horizontal to hanging; stalks reddish-brown. Habitat On humus, mineral or organic soils, rotting logs and stumps; mostly in fresh to wet, moderately … Read more

Eastern Garter Snake

Distinguishing Features – Non-venomous. Overall colouration, light brown to black with two alternating rows of black spots. Three longitudinal stripes run length of body; dorsal stripe is usually yellow. Lateral stripes are cream to yellow and are located on the second and third scale rows. A row of black spots usually occurs below the lateral … Read more

Common Tree Species – Northwestern Ontario Forest

Table of Contents Abies balsamea – Balsam Fir Acer rubrum – Red Maple Betula papyrifera – Paper Birch Fraxinus nigra – Black Ash Larix laricina – Tamarack Picea glauca – White Spruce Picea mariana – Black Spruce Pinus banksiana – Jack Pine Pinus resinosa – Red Pine Pinus strobus – Eastern White Pine Populus balsamifera … Read more

Norway – Forests and Forestry

Forests and other wooded land cover approximately 37 per cent, or 119,000 km2, of the Norwegian mainland. Of this, almost 23 per cent, or approximately 72,000 km2┬áis regarded as productive forest. The productive forest is distributed between 125,000 forest properties. About 79 per cent of the productive forest area is owned by private individuals. Norwegian … Read more