Bubo Virginianus – Great Horned Owl

Bubo Virginianus - Great Horned Owl

Distinguishing Features – One of the largest of Canadian owls. Overall coloration brown with white and blackish highlights. Chest; lighter. Large, yellow eyes ringed in brownish-orange. Beak, black. Prominent ear tufts. Female is somewhat larger than male. Size: Male: 46 – 58.5 cm (19.5 – 23.5 in) Female: 56 – 63 cm (22.5 – 25.25 … Read more

Pandion Haliaetus – Osprey

Pandion Haliaetus - Osprey

Distinguishing Features – Large, long-winged; dark brown above and white below with a white head and a prominent dark eye stripe. Bill brownish-black, blue at the base and margin; cere light blue. Iris yellow. Feet pale greyish-blue, tinged with brown; claws black. The male is usually all white below whereas the female has a necklace … Read more

Buteo Jamaicensis – Red-tailed Hawk

Buteo Jamaicensis - Red-tailed Hawk

Distinguishing Features – Upper side, dark brown randomly mixed with white and reddy-brown. Upper tail surface, characteristic chestnut colour (hence the name “red-tailed”), bearing narrow black subterminal band with whitish tip. Dusky strip from corners of the mouth to shoulder. Underparts are whitish, with a band, lined with random, slate-colored markings. The underside of tail … Read more

Aquila Chrysaetos – Golden Eagle

Aquila Chrysaetos - Golden Eagle

Distinguishing Features – Predominantly dark brown. Neck; tawny or golden brown. Tail, dark brown with a lighter base, decorated by ash-colored bands. Legs, medium brown; feet, yellow. Females are significantly larger than males. Size: Male: 76 – 89 cm (30.5 – 35.5 in) Female: 89 – 104 cm (35.5 – 41.5 in) Habitat In varied … Read more

Haliaeetus Leucocephalus – Bald Eagle

Haliaeetus Leucocephalus - Bald Eagle

Distinguishing Features – Bald Eagle has a predominantly dark-brown with pure white head, neck, tail and tail coverts. Bill and feet, yellow. Females significantly larger than the male. Size Male: 76 – 86 cm (30.5 – 34.5 in) Female: 89 – 94 cm (35.5 – 37.5 in) Habitat Primarily near waterways such as wilderness lakes … Read more

Ardea Herodias – Great Blue Heron

Ardea Herodias Great Blue Heron

Distinguishing Features – Upper parts, greyish-blue; head, white with a wide black stripe on either side, extending from the eye to a long slender crest; neck, grayish-brown edged with black downsides. Underparts are randomly streaked and colored black and white. Bill yellowish, long, tapering to a sharp point. Legs, browny-green, long. Male and females are … Read more

Larus Argentatus – Herring Gull

Larus Argentatus - Herring Gull

Distinguishing Features – Head, neck, tail and under parts, white; back and wing covers, pearly gray. Wing tips, black with small white tip on each feather. Bill, yellow with a red spot at end of lower mandible. Eye, yellowish; eye-ring yellowy-orange. Legs, flesh colour. Male and female are essentially indistinguishable. Size – 58.5 – 66 … Read more

Gavia Immer – Common Loon

Gavia Immer - Common Loon

Distinguishing Features – Head and neck, black with greenish reflections; partial white collar on neck; white bar with black vertical stripes on the throat. Back, black, boldly patterned with white accents; belly, white. Bill, black, straight, tapered to a sharp point. Eye, red. Male and females are essentially indistinguishable. Size – 71 – 89 cm … Read more

Forest Fire Prevention – What You Need to Know

Forest Fire Prevention Guide

Forest fires are dangerous, and we should all take special precautions year-round to make sure fires are not carelessly ignited. Forest fires threaten people needlessly, kill wildlife and destroy forests that provide a livelihood and recreation for millions of people around the world. Grass fires are a major concern for firefighters in early spring; they … Read more

Aix Sponsa – Wood Duck

Aix Sponsa - Wood Duck

Distinguishing Features: MALE – Alternate plumage is worn from fall through early summer. Red bill; red eye; green head; striking white stripes about-face and crest with a large white throat patch and “fingerlike” extensions onto cheek and neck; chestnut breast and neck with vertical white stripe at the lower margin; golden flanks bordered above by … Read more