Seirus Aurocapillus – Ovenbird

Distinguishing Features – Ovenbird is a large warbler. Olive-green upper parts – back, wings, and tail. Under parts whitish, breast heavily streaked with black. Crown, dull orange bordered by two black stripes; legs, flesh-colored; eye, ringed in white.

Male and female are indistinguishable but the female is slightly smaller.

  • Size – 14 – 16.5 cm
  • (5.5 – 6.5 in)



Deciduous woodlands or mixed woods with sparse understory.


On the ground. The nest is made of grass, sticks, leaves, and mosses; lined with grass and down; shaped like a Dutch oven; hence the name Ovenbird.

Eggs, 3 – 6; whitish marked with reddy-brown and purply-gray spots. Incubation period is 11 – 14 days.


Often confused with smaller thrushes.

The Ovenbird’s song is unmistakable. It sounds like Teacher! and is repeated with each repetition being louder.

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