Kayla Quinn – “Our Forests, Our Future”

Imagine a world with bright blue skies, a glowing sun full of hope, a sparkling waterfall flowing down a grand mountain, the greenest grass you ever saw, there are kids playing in the backyards, not a cloud in sight or it could go the other way.

Now imagine a world with murky, gray skies, smog everywhere you turn, you can hardly see the once glowing sun any more but you can fell harsh rays penetrating your skin as it passes through our deteriorated ozone. Everyone around you seems to have sunburn and you don’t understand why. The atmosphere is crashing down around us and yet no one seems to notice.

There is only 3% drinking water left on our planet so you cannot seem to find any of it, your lips are parched and you are struggling to carry on your life. There is only dirt and rocks left on the ground where there used to be lush green grass and beautiful shady willow trees. There aren’t any children around anymore, they hardly even come out of hiding, fearful of what they might see littering the ground. Slowly but surely, the human race is dying off.

Now there’s one more, imagine an electronic world all false, all computer generated underneath is still terrible still no one cares they just cover up their fears, regrets and troubles with technology. There are three ways the earth of ours can travel in which one do you prefer your kids of the future? The choice is yours all of ours.

Source: freepik.com

We can all do our part! You just have to take the first step, which for most is planting a tree. It is the least you can do for Mother Nature and everyone else in the world that we take for granted. Remember we never created Earth. It is just borrowed from a higher power. We are just the ones who use and abuse it. Just think how many trees we use up in a year at school, at home, at work, even daily.

Now don’t you think you should put a little bit back? So, why don’t you? We all know the foresters do not replant all the trees that they use (although they try). Some say we already started the damage and it never is reversible. Let’s prove them wrong. Let’s make a difference, let us make sure that the Earth has a chance!

Remember without trees, no oxygen. Without sun no light. Without Earth, no life. The world is like a drink you can drink until it is empty but this time there are no refills. Maybe, just maybe we should be thinking of the planet before it is too late for the animals the Earth and us.