The Perfect Gift For The Outdoorsman: A Guide To Finding The Best Hunting Knife

Living in the wild, away from the hectic schedules of the modern lifestyle, is everyone’s dream, but surviving a day away from all the comfort is not that easy. Hiking and camping are exciting outdoor activities unless you must stay in the wild for long, disconnected from the world, and survive alone.

Recalling the ancient days, when cavemen spent their entire lives in the wild, they were largely dependent on one thing to survive, their hunting tools. Similarly, you need modern hunting tools like a hunting knife to stay and survive in the wild. Not just for hunting in the wild, a hunting knife can be used for several purposes and can become every backpacker’s best friend.

An Online Knife Shop is an ideal destination to seek that perfect hunting knife you are looking for. From customized shapes to patterns, online shopping windows can give you the opportunity to explore a wide range of these knives and find your ideal one.

What Is A Hunting Knife?


A special type of knife is mainly used for hunting small to medium-sized animals, shedding their skin, and cutting the meat. Hunting knives are very sharp and have emerged from ancient hunters. Some experts say that not much has changed over the centuries in the designs and purpose of hunting knives, which itself is a fact that is deeply connected with the ancient hunting ways.

A hunting knife also is used by hunters for cutting down bushes to make a way in the dense forests and as self-defense to protect them from sudden animal attacks. Mostly, hunting knives were discovered for hunting and surviving.

In the modern day, a person possessing a hunting knife who uses this efficient weapon for surviving in the wild is deeply connected with nature and the roots of hunting. Even while living in the most advanced century, a person who can escape into the wild and use the modern versions of ancient weapons is living their best life.

An Interesting History

According to surveys, the first-ever metal hunting knife was discovered during the Bronze Age, dating back to 2000 B.C. The knife was then used for hunting animals, skinning them, and cutting the meat into pieces. This knife served as an important symbol for the ancient hunters and was carried forward to other ages.

Studies say that it was the Greeks who first discovered hunting knives during the Bronze Age. Later, they became popular and spread across Europe and Asia.

How To Pick The Best One?


Interestingly, many people who live in the wild love to name their hunting knives because they are their constant companions. You must have found similar references to kings and warriors naming their swords in the pages of history and literature. However, the question in your mind remains, how are you going to pick the ideal hunting knife for you? By considering these tips from the experts, you will never regret your decision:

Finding out your ideal size is the most crucial factor. Hunting knives come in various sizes and types; determining which size or type you need is essential. If you are concerned about space or the sharpness of the blade hurting you or tearing garments, a foldable option is always available.

Types Of Hunting Knives

There are generally two types of hunting knives; one has a fixed blade, while the other one is foldable.

The Regular Or Fixed Blade

As the name suggests, a hunting knife with a fixed blade is static and resembles the structure of an ordinary knife. Since the blade runs through the handle, you get the best grip and the strongest version of the knife. It is also the easiest to clean and sharpen; however, carrying them can be a bit difficult.

Folding Blade

Similarly, a folding hunting knife gets concealed in a pocket-like cap; the blade is foldable. It can be carried easily while maintaining safety. They have a convenient one-way opening and are ideal for everyday use. People mostly prefer foldable blades because they are easy to carry, but sometimes, cleaning them can be a bit challenging.

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Hunting Knife?


If you are still hesitating, you just need a few good reasons to keep a hunting knife while traveling outdoors for several days. These six reasons are truly undeniable:

  • Hunting knives are the best self-defense weapon, especially in areas with dense forests and the dangers of wild animal attacks.
  • You do not have to carry other sharp tools because a hunting knife can be used for multiple purposes. You can do everything from cutting bushes and branches to skinning or cutting meat.
  • They do not require a lot of space to carry. These knives can easily fit into your backpack pockets or even the pockets of your cargo pants. This is also one of the reasons why the demand for foldable hunting knives is the most; they can fit into every small pocket or space.
  • It has a pointed tip, is very sharp, and at the same time, is lightweight. Butcher or other kitchen knives are way heavier than hunting knives.
  • They are pretty affordable and available at a wide range of prices. Precisely, hunting knives are an excellent investment for regular travelers and can fit into every type of budget.
  • You can choose from various blade designs such as Clip point, Drop and Tanto point, Sheepsfoot, Needlepoint, Gut Hook, Spear, and Trailing point.

Final Words

To live in the modern world and escape into the woods to travel back in time and hunt the ancient ways is much like watching an adventure movie. But this dream is a reality for many people who love to live in the wild, the old ways. For them, survival is the key to a happy life, and an efficient, multipurpose weapon like a hunting knife makes their life easier. A beautiful weapon like the hunting life can save your life in the wild and help you explore most outdoor activities.