What Is The Difference Between A Go Bag And A Bug Out Bag?

If you are interested in different adventures like camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and more, keep in mind that the equipment is essential. Also, it is not only about the tools that you will need on your journey, like some weapons, bait, eyewear, and other types of tools and assistance, but also things that will make your time in the wild more comfortable, but that could be life-saving in some cases as well.

You will need to bring enough food, water, first aid, and other things to help you survive your adventure. Accidents are always possible, and there is always a chance that you might have to spend more time in the wild than you have planned.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right type of bag that can store enough supplies. For example, a bug out duffle bag is big enough to store supplies for three days in the wild. Besides bug-out bags, go bags are also very popular, and we will introduce you to the main differences between these items.

Main Features of Go Bag

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As the name suggests, the main advantage of this bag is that you can quickly prepare it for your next adventure and keep all the essentials in it. In addition, it is usually smaller and more comfortable to carry on your way. The goal is to find a model that will be big enough to carry everything you need for a one-day adventure, such as water, a first-aid kit, spare clothes (at least a shirt), multitool, and a flashlight.

It can be a great solution if you go on a hiking trip that lasts for one day. Also, it is a great option if you are fishing or hunting. This bag should always be ready for different situations and can be a great help in an emergency.

For example, there is an earthquake or a hurricane in your area or even a forest fire, and you have to seek shelter. You can get your backpack where you have the essentials for one day, which will be enough before the help arrives. You can always have one in your trunk as well. Imagine a situation where your car gets broken in the middle of nowhere, and you must wait for assistance until the morning.

Main Features of Bug-Out Bag

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The synonym for this option is a 3-day bag, and the reason for that is that you can pack enough supplies to survive three days in the wild. The reason for the name is referred to as a bug-out location, like a shelter or a safe house. It is not so good for hikers since it is much heavier than other options. The best solution to carry one is if you are travelling with a vehicle.

Depending on the supplies, it can weigh over 30 pounds. Therefore, carrying it for miles on your back can be challenging. Regarding the essential items, you should pack in this bag, the most important things are enough food and water, a lighter, a fire starter, first aid, money, a multitool, a compass, maps, a hygiene kit, documents, and more.

Packing this bag will require some planning in advance. It is not the same as the go bag that you can simply put on your back and go because you won’t keep many items in it for a longer time, especially when it comes to food, clothes, and documents. You will have to determine whether you need one, and it will be necessary if you are planning an adventure that will last for days.

What Are the Essential Items?

The main difference between these two bags is the size and capacity. The go bag will serve you for a day, while you can survive for more than three days with the second option. However, you will have to pack them correctly to get the most out of these bags.

The first-aid kit is essential for both bags, and it should include some medication and other things that can help you if you get cut or face other problems. Also, a Swiss knife is a great tool, and we suggest you always have one in your backpack. You won’t be able to store a lot of water in the smaller bag, but there will be space for a daily supply of it.

You can also store some food, but only some cans, and maybe a meal or two. On the other side, you can pack enough food for three days with the bigger option. Also, you should bring other essentials that can help you survive on a longer adventure, like maps, a compass, an external battery, a GPS device, a fire-starter kit, and more.

Most people will look for these items for their hiking adventures, fishing, mountaineering, and other activities in the nature. However, there is another purpose of these items, and it is related to emergency situations where these bags can be very important.

The go bag should always be ready in case of emergency. It will help you survive the night, reach a longer distance in one day, find a shelter, and more. On the other side, a bug-out option is necessary when you are facing even more challenging situations.

For example, you are on a camping, and your car got broken. The battery on your phone is empty, and there is no way for you to contact anyone. Therefore, the only solution is to walk for miles until reaching help. Depending on your location, that might require more than a day of walking. In that case, the bug-out bag is perfect since you can bring a lot of food and water, weapons, fire starter, spare clothes, and many other things that will keep you safe.

Last Words

As you can see, the main difference is in size, but the purpose why you need the bag is very important. When it comes to daily adventures, a go bag is perfect, while the second option is necessary if you are planning a few-day trip in the wild.