Corvus Corax – Common Raven

Distinguishing Features – Completely black with purplish or violet reflections, most pronounced on back wings and tail. Male and female indistinguishable but female is slightly smaller.

  • Size – 56 – 67 cm
  • (22.5 – 26.75 in)

American Crow


Widespread; prefers wide open spaces for foraging and woodlots for nesting; anywhere with an easily accessed supply of food. Built-up rural areas, roadsides and fields are their favourite habitat, as are garbage dumps.


Generally in cavities of trees; sometimes on cliff ledges. The large nest is made of twigs, lined with any number of available soft materials, such as grass, moss, leaves or hair.

  • Eggs, 3 – 4; greenish, spotted randomly with brown blotches.
  • Incubation period is 20 – 21 days.


The Common Raven is often mistaken for the American Crow but is much larger and sports a much larger bill.

The Raven’s call lends the best distinction between it and the Crow. It is a hoarse croak or Kwawk.

Like its cousin, the Crow, it is omnivorous and will eat practically anything.

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