Best Walking Holidays in the UK for Those Over 50

When you are planning holidays with your loved ones you want to ensure that you spend quality time with your family and friends. Different families in the UK have different preferences and therefore many prefer to head for a cruise holiday while some prefer safaris in Africa. However, if you are looking for something unique and simple you can try walking holidays that offer a great way to be with your family and loved ones, spend quality time, and explore nature and history both at the same time. The best part about walking holidays is that you can pick your grade on how easy or challenging you to want the trail to be.

While walking holidays might seem easy some of the trails in the UK can be challenging for elderly people. Hence, you must look for the easy walking holidays UK has to offer to ensure a good holiday experience. To make it even better you can always look for the best local tour operators that can help you with the best walking holidays that match your preferences and budget.

If you are over 50, you would want to look for trails that offer excellent views, but without a lot of challenges that can exhaust you physically.

Let’s take a quick look at the best walking holidays in the UK for those over 50.

Hadrian’s Wall Walk


If you are looking for an excellent walking trail in the UK that can provide you with the best walking experiences Hadrian’s Wall walk is a great option. It was the very first National Trail that follows northern Europe’s largest surviving Roman monument and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 150 km (93 miles) path begins in Wallsend and ends in Bowness on Solway. This coast-to-coast walking holiday is excellent for those who want to walk well-trodden paths while exploring the best views, landscapes, historical buildings, churches and forts. If you are an avid birdwatcher you can find plenty of bird species on your way as well. Even if you are visiting the UK you can always take this hike to discover Britain on foot. The trail also offers great accommodations and pubs to take short breaks whenever you need one.

Dales Way

Located in Northern England, Dales Way is another excellent easy-to-moderate walking holiday trail that can provide a great experience for those looking for a riverside path. If you are looking for some great sceneries and landscapes, Dales Way isn’t going to disappoint. This 130 km (81 miles) route is dotted with some charming villages settled along the River Wharfe. The path begins in Ilkley and cuts through the popular Yorkshire Dales National Park and ends in Bowness on Windermere. As you walk through the path you can pass through meadows, steep-sided valleys and moorland. You also get to hear a variety of birds, especially during the summer and springtime. With idyllic countryside views and a clear path, Dales Way is ideal for those who want a less-challenging path.

South Downs Way


Those who have never been on a walking holiday before can try South Downs Way. This well-marked and easy-to-follow path has been one of the popular choices for many families wanting to spend more time together on their walking tour. This 167 km (104 miles) path is perfect for elderly couples or families looking to spend a week or more exploring UK’s history and geography. The path begins in Winchester and ends in Eastbourne as you snake through the fabulous countryside and come to the seaside town of Eastbourne. You can also cycle along this path as you pass through expansive fields, quaint villages, picturesque woodlands and historical monuments and buildings. This is probably one of the easiest national trails ideal for first-timers but make sure you have the best orthopaedic walking shoes for the trip.

Cotswold Round

This 95 km (59 miles) circuit walking trail is certainly a must-recommend for those who want to discover more about Britain’s history and natural landscapes. Cotswold Round is a path that offers you more beautiful stone villages and landscapes than any other trail in Southern England. You can begin your path in Cheltenham or Moreton-in-Marsh and take a round trip to return to your starting point. Cotswold Round is a perfect trip for those who appreciate nature and want to explore it. Also, you can get the benefits of walking in nature. Here you can find yourself passing through bluebell woods and areas packed with sweet fragrances of lily. You can also explore various species of birds and butterflies that offer a great experience.

Borders Abbeys Way


If you are interested in exploring historical sites between England and Scotland you can try the Borders Abbeys Way which intersects Britain’s four medieval abbeys. With gentle gradients for most of the path, Borders Abbeys Way is a well-marked and excellent 109 km circuit that can help you explore the history of the region. The path begins in Melrose and follows the riverside following the Tweed and Teviot returning to Melrose to end the trip. The ruined abbeys: Melrose, Dryburgh, Kelso and Jedburgh offer a magnificent view into the world and architecture of the past. Local historic towns and picturesque villages surround these abbeys that add to the experience.

Fife Coastal Path

Fife Coastal Path is one of the options for those who love being on the coast and exploring the sea towns. This path is one of the best paths designated by Scottish Natural Heritage and it allows you to snake through the coastal paths from Burntisland to Newport-on-Tay. The path begins at North Queensferry and takes you through iconic coastal towns, cultural heritage locations, historical monuments natural reserves and Fife’s only working fishing harbour. This 130 km path offers plenty of terrains including clifftop walking, grassland paths and even well-paved roads to ensure a good smooth experience.

Gower Peninsula


Awarded with Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status, Gower Peninsula is definitely among the most spectacular places you can go for a walking holiday. This place provides you with the best coastal view you can find in the UK. The 72 km (45 miles) walking path begins in Pen-clawdd and takes you around the western edge of Swansea Bay and finally ends in Mumbles. While you explore this path, you will cross some of the serene and pristine beaches in Britain. You can also explore local flora and fauna and birds as you walk the sandy area. The trail also takes you through some ancient coastal woodlands, grasslands and even historical buildings and monuments that speak of the history of the area.