Corvus Brachyrhynchos – American Crow

Distinguishing Features – Completely black with greenish or violet reflections, most pronounced on back wings and tail. Male and female indistinguishable but female is slightly smaller.

  • Size – 43 – 53 cm
  • (17.25 – 21.25 in)


Widespread; prefers open spaces for foraging and woodlots for nesting; anywhere with an easily accessed supply of food. Rural areas with fields bordered by woods is their favourite habitat, as are garbage dumps.


Generally in trees; sometimes in larger shrubs or on the ground. The firm nest is made of twigs, lined with any number of soft materials, such as grass, moss, leaves, hair, or rags.

Eggs, 4 – 6; greenish, spotted randomly with brown blotches. Incubation period 17 – 20 days.


The American Crow is often mistaken for the Common Raven but is much smaller. It is omnivorous and will eat practically anything.

The Crow is not held in high regard by farmers as it has a tendency to devour crops. On the other hand, it is also beneficial by destroying large numbers of plant-eating insects.

The call of the crow is a simple, scratchy Caw.

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