8 Amazing Hiking Apps You Should Download in 2024

Hiking holds appeal for individuals of all skill levels, whether it’s a leisurely stroll in a nearby park or a challenging trek along the Appalachian Trail.

According to an article in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, hiking outdoors confers immediate health advantages, including reduced blood pressure and improved immune system function, while also bolstering mental and emotional well-being.

Both novice and seasoned hikers can gain from the use of hiking apps, thanks to their beneficial features and extensive capabilities. To aid in your selection of a first-rate hiking app, we have prepared our selection of applications. We didn’t focus only on hiking apps downloaded for free, so there are both paid and free options here.

Best Hiking Apps to Download

Source: thegreatoutdoorsmag.com

1. Topo GPS

Topo GPS represents a relatively straightforward app, though it conceals considerable power. The interface maintains a minimalistic design, prioritizing the map display with a central crosshair.

At the bottom, a customizable grid reference (OS Grid-compatible) is featured. In the UK, the app includes OS mapping; however, the available options currently consist of a 1:250K overview or detailed 1:25K, with no 1:50K maps available at the time of writing. The cost of an OS mapping subscription is reasonable, but it’s important to note that each map type worldwide incurs its own cost, resulting in potentially expensive options (e.g., French IGN maps priced at £17.99 per year).

2. Gaia GPS

The free version of Gaia GPS includes basic maps and tools for planning and recording routes. Gaia’s premium version provides access to over 250 maps, including layered topographical maps and satellite imagery. You can download and print maps for offline use, as well as utilize GPS features to track distance, location, speed, and climbing elevation.

Gaia GPS is a versatile app that caters to outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to hiking trails, the app also displays mountain biking trails and roads, allowing users to create, edit, and measure their own routes.

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3. AllTrails

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I rely on AllTrails, the hiking app that I use the most, to plan my hikes, discover new trails, and track them (before I got my Garmin Instinct watch). AllTrails stands out among the crowd as one of the most popular hiking apps with a whopping 20 million users and a vast collection of 100,000 trails worldwide. You can effortlessly search for trails based on difficulty, length, elevation gain, user rating, proximity, and route type. Additionally, if you’re hiking with dogs, you’ll find the option to search for pet-friendly trails particularly handy.

4. PeakVisor

If you’ve ever gazed into the distance and pondered, “Which mountain is that?”, I’ve got fantastic news for you! There’s an amazing app called PeakVisor that can provide the answer.

Here’s how it operates: simply open the app on your phone, point it towards the peak, and it will utilize a combination of image recognition and GPS location to identify it accurately.

Moreover, you can even upload pictures of mountains from your previous hikes or when you’re offline, and the app will effortlessly recognize them. With a collection of over 1 million mountain peaks, it’s got you covered!


Source: xavierdelerue.com

FATMAP, a valuable app for mountain users, offers features suitable for both casual and advanced users. It provides a social network, tools to discover routes, and the ability to download maps for offline use. The annual subscription for the paid version costs £24.99, which includes a Strava subscription. The app offers a clear but slightly cluttered map view, allowing users to choose between topo map layers and additional information like live snow conditions and terrain visualization. It also offers a 3D view. However, it lacks the capability to display your location as an Ordnance Survey grid reference without an internet connection.

FATMAP seamlessly connects with GPS watches from Garmin and Suunto, and it integrates with Strava. Although it has a snap-to-path feature, it lacks offline functionality and its main map screen can feel cluttered. Overall, FATMAP is an ideal tool for casual users seeking inspiration and intuitive navigation.

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6. MapOut

MapOut isn’t the sole app for UK use because it lacks support for OS mapping, but it can be a handy companion app. The map is based on OpenStreetMap and covers the entire world. It provides contours, footpaths, and basic topographical features, although it lacks the level of detail found in a proper topo map, so I wouldn’t recommend relying on it for off-path navigation in the mountains. MapOut excels in its simple interface and efficient functionality, making it ideal for getting an overview of a complex route or set of routes.

7. WikiLoc

Source: wikiloc.com

Wikiloc, one of southern Europe’s top hiking and adventure apps, boasts a vibrant community of over 10 million outdoor enthusiasts and features an astounding 34 million trails along with 59 million trail pictures worldwide!

What sets this app apart is its exceptional inclusion of not only hiking trails but also road trip itineraries, long cycle touring trips, and various other adventure types. This means that wherever your adventure takes you, there is always something novel to explore and experience.

Furthermore, Wikiloc proudly stands among the pioneering hiking apps that have joined the 1% for the Planet initiative. This organization aims to contribute towards a sustainable future, a mission that all nature lovers can wholeheartedly support!

8. onX Backcountry GPS

onX’s free version offers basic topographic and satellite maps, weather forecasts, and trip tracking. With the premium version, users unlock additional features such as:

  • Maps displaying private land boundaries, public land access, and a nationwide trail network.
  • Enhanced tools for marking waypoints and measuring distances on trails.
  • Saving, importing, and exporting route information to devices.


If you want your next hiking trip to be as comfortable and predictable as possible, you need apps. These top apps can help you wherever you’re headed, whether it’s just to the local park or to the mountains where there’s no coverage. Offline maps with navigation tips will help you maintain control of the situation anywhere.