Active Travel: 5 Adventurous Escapes in New Jersey (2024)

Lying on the beach and sipping a cocktail isn’t your way of relaxing? No worries! America is full of wonderful active travel options! Feel free to head to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe, or any other US adventure-friendly location. Alternatively, you may rent a car in New Jersey and go in search of fun-filled local activities!

Indeed, located between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers, NJ is the most colorful and unique state in the country. It combines a relaxed lifestyle and wild adventures in one place. So, pick up a 12-passenger van rental in New Jersey and get ready for an exciting family ride.

A wide lineup of affordable rental cars and a huge range of exciting activities contribute to a successful trip with four wheels at hand. Thus, fasten your seat belts, and let’s go on an adventure!

Reach the speed limit by riding the Kingda Ka


In late June 1974, restaurateur W. Leroy opened Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. It currently consists of 11 themed areas, operating from early April to the end of November. One of the main highlights of the theme park is a roller coaster called Kingda Ka.

Of course, we would not include it in our list if it was a regular ride. With a height of nearly 500 feet, it’s the tallest roller coaster on the globe. Also, its trailers reach speeds of almost 130 miles per hour, which is the second-best result overall.

Just imagine – you take off to the height of a 5-story building, reaching maximum speed in just 3.5 seconds. Sounds fantastic? Then add in multiple ups and downs, tight turns, dead loops, and 270-degree turns. Don’t doubt that this set will guarantee you an exciting experience and a little dizziness!

Enjoy a driving tour in Wild Safari

Do you want to touch the world of wildlife in a natural habitat? Wild Safari in Jackson won’t leave you indifferent. As the largest safari park in the world, it gathers animals from all climate zones in one place.

The territory of the park is 350 acres, which are home to 1,200 species of animals, mainly from Africa and Australia. All of them freely roam where they want and entertain visitors.

You can get into one of the cars owned by the park and take a tour on four wheels. Of course, using your own vehicle is also possible. Some animals are happy to communicate with people – they look into the windows and show a special interest in cameras.

Unfortunately, not all animals walk freely. The lions are kept in cages, and the monkeys can’t get close to visitors due to their overly obsessive behavior.

Have high-flying fun in a hot-air balloon

Ballooning is an incredibly popular activity in New Jersey. This state even hosts an annual balloon festival featuring thousands of people from America and around the world.

You’ll be glad to admire hundreds of colorful and multi-shaped balloons floating in the sky and skydivers maneuvering between them. What’s more, you may take a breathtaking trip in a hot air balloon and experience the joy of flying for a small fee.

If reaching New Jersey during the festival, you will additionally enjoy live concerts and music shows, colorful fireworks and balloon shows, as well as other eye-catching activities and events.

At the same time, your children can spend time on the playgrounds, ride the roller coaster, take part in competitions, and watch musical and clown performances.

Try ziplining as a summer leisure activity

Ziplining in New Jersey

If you’re dreaming of thrilling adventures in New Jersey, try ziplining, a popular activity in the state. Dozens of rope routes run over the tops of the trees and ask you to take on the challenge.

Actually, ziplining is not such a scary activity. Instead, it gives you a chance to prove yourself, overcome fears, and get inspired for future accomplishments. If you come with children, they can take easier routes. Also, rope parks are often available on-site.

All in all, ziplining has multiple positive effects on your body and allows you to practice climbing and planning skills. That’s why you should definitely try this experience while you’re in New Jersey. For your convenience, check a list of the best zipline-friendly destinations within the NJ state:

  • Liberty Science Center at 222 Jersey City Blvd., Jersey City
  • FLG X Adventure Course at 59 Mt. Arlington Road, Ledgewood
  • The Mainland Adventure Park at 151 NJ-72, Manahawkin
  • Tree to Tree Cape May at 707 U.S. 9 N., Cape May Court House
  • Treescape Aerial Adventure Park at 414 County Road 517, Vernon Township

Explore the inside of an elephant

Lucy the Elephant

In the southern part of Atlantic City, you will find Lucy the Elephant – a unique 65-foot-tall zoomorphic monumental building in the shape of an elephant.

Originally, this masterpiece of architecture was intended to attract buyers of real estate in the little-known area of Margate at that time. The building fell into disrepair first, but luckily, a team of enthusiasts saved it and turned it into a unique tourist highlight.

The elephant welcomes small and big visitors during the summer months from 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and until 5 pm on Sundays. You can take a 30-minute journey through its interior by getting here via a spiral staircase set at one of its legs.

During the tour, you will be able to walk through the halls with exhibits telling about the history of this extraordinary landmark. Also, you can climb to the top floor, located in a covered palanquin, and admire the panorama of Atlantic City downtown and the bay.

Looking for adventure and want to spend time in a unique way? New Jersey is waiting for you! Be sure to ride a sky-high roller coaster, admire the eye-catching panoramas from a hot air balloon, explore the wild, improve your zip-lining skills, and find many more breathtaking activities.

By the way, a car is your best way to get to the desired destination. For more comfort, consider a luxury car rental in New Jersey. In this case, you will make your trip even more exciting and fun!